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Learn how to make bread the easy way with expert tuition and support from Kath. If you are struggling to make bread or feel stuck in a rut making the same bread over and over again then I am here to help.

  • Master the basics of bread making, step by step, and learn my tips and techniques for making bread the easy way.

  • Understand the science of how bread making works so that you can learn with every loaf and troubleshoot any problems.

  • Become part of a friendly, welcoming community that will help you every step of the way

  • Learn advanced methods to improve the flavour and texture of your breads

  • Have a huge variety of bread recipes at your fingertips to impress family and friends. Everything from soft bread that stales more slowly to crusty artisan loaves to bagels, baguettes, ciabattas, flatbreads, focaccia, sweet buns, tear apart loaves and many more.

  • Get advice and help from Kath to make sure you achieve success with your bread making.

  • And perhaps most importantly, have fun with like minded people whilst learning new skills at our monthly online bread social.

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This membership is designed to transform you into a confident baker.
What's included in the membership

Bread Made Easy Membership

Access all of these courses, our exclusive community and a monthly live online demo and bread chat

What is included?

When you become a member you can join a live monthly online Bread Social Zoom call during which Kath will demo a technique or recipe and you have the chance to ask any questions to help make sure you achieve success with making great bread at home. You will also be part of the exclusive community within the membership so that you can seek help and advice from Kath and the other members. You get full access to all of the pre-recorded courses above and any updates and new content that is added. Many of the courses includes an ebook that you can download for use at home. These have all the recipes included plus advice and tips. There is also a separate downloadable recipe sheet accompanying each recipe. The courses are a mixture of text and video lessons to help you succeed with making the breads. Every video is fully subtitled so that you can watch them with the sound off. This is your chance to learn to make great bread and transform your bread making skills under the expert guidance of Kath.

What others are saying

“Probably my very best Christmas present - online bread course by Kath at @vegpatchkitchen Starting with a video of the basic how-to method - no kneading! - and on to variations, bagels, tiger bread, focaccia, pita, pizza rolls and more. ”

Kath H

““Exceeded expectations as I learnt so much and am inspired to try and improve on the basic technique as well as try some new things. Videos were great, good quality and content, with very clear expectations and really useful to see what we should be aiming for.””

Helen B

““I have never been particularly enthusiastic about making bread before as I don’t particularly fancy the kneading – plus I am not always that patient – but this is certainly an eye opener and as you say it makes it easy.””

Nicola C

“"Mr B has thoroughly enjoyed every course he’s been on with you, plus we now enjoy fresh bread every day and the odd baked treat. Your courses are a game changer."”

Julie B

“If you have any level of interest or experience in bread making, this is a massive bargain and both the membership and the in person courses are hugely professional and great fun. (Not related or on commission just a very happy customer / student)”

Kath H

Why join?

Become a confident baker. Master the art of making bread

  • With expert bread making tuition from Kath you will learn how to make great bread.

  • Get full access to our online courses - Bread Basics, Advanced Breads, Understanding the Science of Bread, Sweet Doughs, Savoury Breads, Flatbreads, Christmas Breads, Easter Breads, How To Use a Dutch Oven, How to Make a Sourdough Starter and more with exclusive how-to videos, recipes and e-books.

  • Learn the basics of making bread and move onto advanced techniques. I show you my top tips for successful bread, the science of bread making to help you troubleshoot and new shaping techniques and ways to flavour your breads with how-to videos and recipes for many different breads.

  • Join Kath for a live online demo and chat each month to help you troubleshoot and perfect your bread making.

  • Join our exclusive community within the membership to ask questions, share tips, advice and recipes

  • Suitable for the absolute beginner and those looking to advance their knowledge and expand their repertoire. Becoming a member will transform your bread making.

Meet Kath

I am Kath and I love to share my passion for making bread with other people. When I started making bread I was rubbish at it. I turned out many bricks and frisbees. I was at the point of giving up baking anything that had yeast in it. I could make a great cake, but bread was beyond me. However I have never been one to give up and be beaten, so I persevered . I read all the books, practised and practised and finally cracked it. It is fair to say I became obsessed. In 2014 I created Veg Patch Kitchen Cookery School to share my knowledge, tips and tricks with others. I have now taught hundreds of people to make bread both in-person at my cookery school and online.
Kath Veg Patch Kitchen Cookery School


  • How do I join?

    To become a member click one on the "Become a member" buttons. This will take you to the checkout page. You can then enter your bank card details. Your subscription will be renewed on the same day every month unless you cancel. You can cancel at any time.

  • What is included?

    You get access to our online courses including Sweet Doughs, Savoury Breads, Easter Breads, Christmas Breads, Flatbreads, Bread Basics, Advanced Breads and more. These courses are worth more than £300 when bought individually. You are also invited to join Kath on a monthly live call and demo so that you can ask questions and ensure that you achieve bread success. There is also a community board within the membership to share photos, tips, ask for advice and support each other.

  • How much is it?

    For just £9.99 a month you can access full instructional videos and over 45 recipes and a live monthly call with Kath. There will be new content and how-to videos added regularly.

  • Can I buy this for someone else?

    Absolutely. You can buy a gift voucher for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months membership. If you would like to buy a gift voucher please get in touch via the contact us page or send Kath and email to [email protected]

Why should I join?

Becoming a member will transform your bread making skills giving you the confidence to make a wide variety of delicious bread at home

  • Access to online bread courses with a value of over £300 when bought individually. The courses include Bread Basics, Advanced Breads, Savoury Breads, Flatbreads, Sweet Dough, Easter Breads, Christmas Breads, Understanding the different yeasts and how to use them, How to use a dutch oven, How to make and maintain a sourdough starter.

  • Download the ebooks for each course with all of the recipes, tips and advice

  • Join a monthly live online demo and bread chat with Kath to make sure you achieve bread success

  • Become part of our exclusive community sharing tips, advice and recipes.

  • All of this for £9.99 a month and you can cancel at any time.