Savoury Breads

This course is great for those that are confident making bread but want to learn new shaping techniques and flavoured breads. We use one master recipe to make a tomato loaf, marmite bread, pesto and harissa bread, pitta breads, pizzas and pizza rolls, focaccia and different shaped dinner rolls.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Savoury Breads

  • 2

    Savoury Breads Workbook

    • Savoury Breads Workbook

  • 3

    Master recipe: Simple White Bread

    • Master Recipe: Simple White Bread

  • 4

    Flavouring your dough: Making Tomato or Marmite Bread

    • Making Marmite bread and a tomato loaf

  • 5

    Shaping rolls in different ways

    • Shaping rolls in different ways

    • The baked rolls out of the oven

  • 6

    Making focaccia

    • Making focaccia with rosemary and salt

    • How to make Pear & Blue Cheese Focaccia

  • 7

    Wild garlic pull apart loaf

    • Wild Garlic Pull Apart Loaf Ingredients

    • Shaping the garlic bread pull apart bread

    • The proved and baked garlic loaf

  • 8

    Pesto and Harissa Christmas Tree

    • How to make a Christmas Tree Bread

  • 9

    Shaping Pitta Breads

    • Making pitta breads

  • 10

    Making pizza and pizza rolls

    • Making pizzas

    • Completed Pizza Rolls

Need to learn the basics first?

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