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Savoury Breads

This course is great for those that are confident making bread but want to learn new shaping techniques and flavoured breads. We use one master recipe to make a tomato loaf, garlic pull apart loaf, Marmite bread, pesto and harissa swirl bread, tiger bread, pitta breads, pizzas and pizza rolls, focaccia and different shaped dinner rolls. I also show you how to make delicious bagels and the recycled loaf.

What will I learn?

You will learn new different shaping techniques and ways of flavouring your bread. I show you how to make:

  • Marmite bread
  • Tomato loaf
  • How to shape a variety of rolls (the shaping skills can be transferred to larger loaves)
  • Make focaccia with different toppings
  • Wild garlic pull apart loaf
  • Pesto and harissa swirl bread 
  • Pitta breads
  • Pizza bases and pizza rolls
  • Tiger bread
  • Bagels
  • The recycled loaf, a great way to use up stale bread

The techniques and skills that you will learn in this course will help you adapt your master recipe in an almost infinite variety of ways. 

The course is a mixture of video and text lessons accompanied by a recipe book that includes all of the recipes that can be downloaded and printed off for use in your kitchen.

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect if you are already familiar with bread making but are stuck in a rut of making the same bread over and over. You will learn new techniques that will give you the confidence to make a wide variety of breads to share with family and friends. 


“Probably my very best Christmas present - online bread course by Kath at @vegpatchkitchen Starting with a video of the basic how-to method - no kneading! - and on to variations, bagels, tiger bread, focaccia, pita, pizza rolls and more. ”

by Kath H on Twitter
Watch Intro Video

Introductory Video

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Course curriculum

    1. Savoury Breads Workbook

    1. Master Recipe: Simple White Bread

    2. How to mix a simple white dough

    3. How to stretch and fold your dough

    1. Making Marmite bread and a tomato loaf

    1. Shaping rolls in different ways

    2. The baked rolls out of the oven

    1. How to make soft dinner rolls

    2. Shaping the dough

    3. The rolls ready to bake

    4. The results

About this course

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  • This course is included in my Bread Made Easy Membership

Learn new shaping techniques and ways to flavour your bread

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