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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Advanced Breads

    2. Advanced Breads Ebook

    1. Introduction to Baker's Percentages (Baker's Math)

    2. Baker's Percentages Continued

    3. Baker's Percentages Continued

    4. An example of working out baker's percentage for ciabatta

    5. An example of baker's percentage for poolish

    1. Introduction to preferments - why you should use one in your next loaf

    2. How to make a biga (stiff preferment)

    3. How to make a poolish (liquid preferment)

    4. Preferments ready for use

    1. Introduction to pate fermentee

    2. How to use pate fermentee in your loaf

    1. The ingredients for ciabatta

    2. Mixing the ingredients for ciabatta

    3. The first stretch and fold of the ciabatta

    4. The second stretch and fold of the ciabatta

    5. Third round of stretch and fold for the ciabatta

    6. How to shape ciabatta

    7. The ciabatta ready to bake

    8. The baked ciabatta

    1. How to make ciabatta rolls

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  • 49 lessons

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