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Welcome to Advanced Breads

What will I learn?

This course is perfect if you are ready to take your bread making to the next level.

  • I show you how to make preferments to improve the flavour, texture and keeping qualities of your bread

  • Learn how to adapt your favourite bread recipes to include a preferment

  • Step by step instructions (videos, ebook, text lessons) to show you how to make soft, pillowy ciabatta, crusty white and brown baguettes and deliciously chewy bagels using preferments

  • Find out how to use the tangzhong method to make your breads softer, sweeter and stale more slowly

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Advanced Breads

    2. Advanced Breads Ebook

    1. Introduction to Baker's Percentages (Baker's Math)

    2. Baker's Percentages Continued

    3. Baker's Percentages Continued

    4. An example of working out baker's percentage for ciabatta

    5. An example of baker's percentage for poolish

    1. Introduction to preferments - why you should use one in your next loaf

    2. How to make a biga (stiff preferment)

    3. How to make a poolish (liquid preferment)

    4. Preferments ready for use

    1. Introduction to pate fermentee

    2. How to use pate fermentee in your loaf

    1. The ingredients for ciabatta

    2. Mixing the ingredients for ciabatta

    3. The first stretch and fold of the ciabatta

    4. The second stretch and fold of the ciabatta

    5. Third round of stretch and fold for the ciabatta

    6. How to shape ciabatta

    7. The ciabatta ready to bake

    8. The baked ciabatta

    1. How to make ciabatta rolls

About this course

  • £45.00
  • 49 lessons

Advanced Breads

With full instructional videos, text lessons, an ebook filled with advice, information and recipes and single downloadable recipe sheets this course has been designed to help you achieve success with bread making
Advanced Breads online course


  • Who is this course suited to?

    If you already have basic knowledge of bread making and are keen to learn more then this is the course for you. (Take a look at my Bread Basics course if you want to learn the basics first)

  • Is this course included in the Bread Made Easy Membership?

    Yes, for £9.99 a month you get full access to this course plus my other online bread courses including Bread Basics, Sweet Dough, Savoury Breads, Christmas Breads, Easter Breads, Crackers and Flatbreads, How to Use A Dutch Oven and more.

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  • How do I buy this course for someone else?

    If you would like to buy this course for someone else you can buy a gift voucher for them. Please contact Kath to discuss your requirements, [email protected]

Learn Advanced Bread Making Techniques

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