Easter Breads

Join me and learn how to make delicious Easter breads to grace your table. You will love this course if you are already a keen bread maker and would like to learn new recipes and techniques. Together we will make Hot Cross Buns, Greek Tsoureki, Potica (aka Walnut Roll), Babka (Chocolate Twist) and a Wild Garlic Pull Apart Loaf. All of these recipes are easily adapted and are not just for Easter.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Easter Breads

  • 2

    Hot Cross Buns

    • Hot Cross Buns Recipe

    • Mixing the hot cross bun dough

    • How to shape and bake Hot Cross Buns

  • 3

    Greek Tsoureki

    • Greek Tsoureki Recipe

    • How to make Greek Tsoureki

    • Shaping Tsoureki

    • Tsoureki Proved And Baked

  • 4

    Potica/ Walnut Roll

    • Potica/ Walnut Roll Recipe

    • How to make potica

    • How to shape potica

    • Potica proved and baked

  • 5

    Babka/ Chocolate Twist

    • Babka/ Chocolate Twist

    • Shaping the Chocolate Babka

    • The Babka Proved And Baked

  • 6

    Wild Garlic Pull Apart Loaf

    • Wild Garlic Pull Apart Loaf

    • Shaping the Wild Garlic Bread Pull Apart Loaf

    • The Proved And Baked Garlic Loaf

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