Christmas Breads

Delicious Festive Bakes

Learn how to make delicious festive breads to share with your family and friends this Christmas. I show you how to make savoury and sweet bakes that will be the centrepiece of your celebrations. We will make Pear & Blue Cheese Focaccia, Harissa & Pesto Christmas Tree Bread, a Mincemeat Wreath, a Cinnamon Star and Stollen.
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Welcome to Christmas Breads

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Christmas Breads

  • 2

    Christmas Breads eBook

    • Christmas Breads

  • 3

    Pear & Blue Cheese Focaccia

    • Ingredients for Pear & Blue Cheese Focaccia

    • How to make Pear & Blue Cheese Focaccia

  • 4

    Harissa & Pesto Christmas Tree Bread

    • Ingredients for the Christmas Tree Bread

    • How to make a Christmas Tree Bread

  • 5

    Mincemeat Wreath

    • Mincemeat Wreath Ingredients

    • Shaping a Mincemeat Wreath

    • Baking & Decorating the Mincemeat Wreath

  • 6

    Cinnamon Star

    • Cinnamon Star Ingredients

    • Making a Cinnamon Star

  • 7


    • Stollen Ingredients

    • Preparation for the stollen - Soaking the fruit

    • Preparation for the Stollen - Making the marzipan

    • Shaping a stollen

    • Baking and decorating your stollen

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