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Transform into a confident baker with my online membership. For a small monthly subscription you get access to our online bread courses with exclusive recipes and how-to videos.These courses are designed to help you achieve success with your bread making. As a member you can also join Kath for a monthly live online demo and bread Q&A and become part of our exclusive Bread Made Easy community. If you are ready to take your bread making to the next level sign up today. 

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If you prefer you can buy the online courses individually. We have online courses that will transform you from a novice to a confident baker. If you already love making bread then we have online courses that will introduce you to making  new shapes and adding new flavours so that you can expand your baking repertoire. Scroll down to find out more and choose the perfect course for you. 

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There is something to suit everyone

My online bread courses transform the way you make bread by showing you just how easy it is to make delicious bread at home. 

You can access these courses with a monthly subscription to my Bread Made Easy Membership.

Take my free course Introduction to Bread Making for top tips to get you started. 

My Bread Made Easy masterclass takes you step by step through the bread making process using one master recipe and gives you the confidence to make a variety of breads to share with your family and friends. This course will transform you from a novice to a confident baker. 

My Bread Basics course gives you all the information you need to make a simple white loaf. The course is designed to give you the confidence to start making delicious bread at home. 

If you already feel confident making bread then my other online courses are great for expanding your repertoire, giving you new ideas for shaping and flavouring breads.

Advanced Breads shows you how to make preferments to improve the flavour and texture of your bread. I show you how to use poolish and biga to make ciabatta, baguettes and bagels and how to convert your favourite recipes to using a preferment by understanding baker's percentages. I also show you how to use the tangzhong method to make lovely soft bread, that is sweeter (without adding sugar) and stays fresh for longer. 

My Savoury Breads course will show you new shaping techniques and ways to  flavour breads. We use one master recipe to make a tomato loaf, marmite bread, pesto and harissa bread, pitta breads, pizzas and pizza rolls, focaccia, tiger bread and different shaped dinner rolls.  I also show you how to make delicious bagels at home.

Join me on our Easter Breads course  and learn how to make gorgeous bread centrepieces for your Easter table. Together we make Hot Cross Buns, Greek Tsoureki, Potica (aka Walnut Roll), Chocolate Babka  and a Wild Garlic Pull Apart Loaf. These are easily adapted to be enjoyed all year round.

My Christmas Breads online course shows you how to make my favourite festive breads to share with your family and friends over the festive period. These recipes are also  fully adaptable so can be served all year round too.

All of the videos in the courses are subtitled so that you can watch them with the sound off. The courses are a mixture of videos and text lessons and all are accompanied with a downloadable ebook with advice, tips and recipes for you to print off and use at home.