Bread Made Easy

Learn how easy it to make delicious bread at home and fit bread making into your busy day

Welcome to my online bread making masterclass that shows you step by step how easy it is to make delicious bread at home. 

  • Has making bread at home always seemed too hard? 
  • Do you think it will take up too much time in your already busy day?
  • Have you made bread before and it ends up as hard as a house brick or as flat as a frisbee?   

This in-depth masterclass will banish any of your concerns and fears and you will be confidently making bread for everyone you know. 

I share my tips and tricks, so no matter how busy your day is you will still be able to fit in making a loaf.

This course transforms you from a novice to a keen bread maker and will give you the confidence, skills and knowledge to make a variety of delicious bread for your family and friends. 

Using just four ingredients and one master recipe I show you how to make different shaped breads, rolls, pitta and pizza bases. Then, by adding just a few ingredients you can transform that bread into focaccia and a range of flavoured breads, including Marmite bread and tomato bread to share with family and friends.

Take a look at the curriculum below to see all that you will learn in this comprehensive course. 

As an introductory bonus, for a limited time, you also get a free online bread chat with Kath so that I can answer any of your questions and help you succeed with making bread.

In this online course you will learn everything you need (and more) to become a confident bread baker. 

This course can be taken at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. You will have unlimited access for the lifetime of the course (including access to any updates) too so that you can dip in and out and go back and refresh your memory as you practise making bread to hone your knowledge and skills.

Watch Intro Video

Welcome to Bread Made Easy

Introductory video

Take a deep dive into bread making

and transform into a confident bread maker

This course is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to transform you from a novice to a keen and confident bread maker. You won't just learn how to make a variety of different shaped and flavoured breads using just one master recipe...

  • You will learn step by step the stages of bread making and the equipment and ingredients that you need 
  • I show you how to properly hydrate and mix your dough so that your bread doesn't turn out like a house brick or frisbee
  • Discover how to develop your dough using the stretch and fold method or by kneading or using your stand mixer. This will help you decide which method suits you best and fits best around your busy day.
  • I show you how to easily fit bread making into your day by adjusting the temperature of your dough and leaving it at room temperature or using the fridge.
  • You will learn what happens to the dough whilst it is rising so you know what to look for.
  • I show you how to shape your dough. You will learn how to shape a bloomer, a tin, a round loaf, rolls, braids, fougasse, focaccia, tiger bread, pizza, pitta breads and pull apart breads.
  • I also show you different ways to flavour your dough so that you can make an almost infinite variety to impress family and friends.
  • I show you what a fully proofed looks and feels like.
  • Learn how to properly score/ slash a loaf and why this is important.
  • I show you how to get the best out of your oven and how to use steam in your oven to improve the flavour, texture and appearance of your bread.
  • Learn about oven spring, what it is, how it works and how it improves your loaf
  • You will learn about using a dutch oven and the difference it can make to your loaf.
  • I will show you how to use and care for a banneton (proving basket).
  • Know when your loaf is properly baked and the importance of letting it cool before enjoying it.

The course is comprehensive and will banish any fears or misgivings you have and transform you into a confident bread maker.

Dive Deeper with these free bonuses...

  • Learn what happens to your dough as it bakes and transforms into bread
  • You will learn how best to store your bread so that it stays fresh for longer and ways to use up any leftover bread in sweet and savoury recipes
  • You will gain an in-depth understanding of the fermentation process and the science of bread making so that you can troubleshoot and experiment.
  • Understand the role of water and of salt in your dough.
  • Understand the different yeasts you can buy and how to use them.

You also get a free bonus of an online bread chat with Kath included as part of the course. This means that I can answer any of your questions and help you succeed with making bread.

Another free bonus is my Bread Made Easy eBook that accompanies this course. This book is filled with advice and photos to help you understand bread making. It also includes the full recipe and method for all of the breads that we make on this course. You can download and print this eBook for use in your own kitchen, making it very handy.

Your Teacher

I'm Kath and I am passionate about showing people how easy it is to make delicious bread at home. I have taught bread making at my cookery school, Veg Patch Kitchen, since 2015. I first got serious about bread making in 2009 when the bread I made for my family was terrible. It was hard as a brick. I was frustrated that I couldn't succeed with yeast cookery so I started to read about it and practice and I became obsessed with bread. Finally, the loaves I was making were the best we had ever tasted. I want to show everyone that they can make bread at home too. I set up my cookery school to share my knowledge and help others transform the way that they make bread. I have learned all the tricks that help me fit bread making into a busy day and I want to share these with you so that you can make delicious bread at home for your family and friends.
Kath holding a loaf of bread in Veg Patch Kitchen Cookery School

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Step by step to making a white loaf the easy way

  • 3

    Using a banneton/ proving basket

    • Using a banneton/ proving basket

  • 4

    How to use a Dutch Oven

  • 5

    Shaping and baking a boule (round loaf)

    • Shaping a boule (a round loaf) and using a banneton

    • Preparing the boule (round loaf) for the oven and checking that it is baked.

  • 6

    Shaping rolls

    • Shaping rolls

    • The baked rolls out of the oven

  • 7

    Making pizza and pizza rolls

    • Making pizzas

    • Pizza Rolls

  • 8

    Making pitta breads

    • Making pitta breads

  • 9

    Making focaccia with different toppings

    • Focaccia with Rosemary and Salt

    • Pear & Blue Cheese Focaccia

  • 10

    Flavouring your dough

    • Making Marmite bread and a tomato loaf

  • 11

    Pull Apart Breads

    • Pull Apart Breads

    • Wild Garlic Pull Apart Loaf Ingredients

    • Shaping the garlic bread pull apart bread

    • The proved and baked garlic loaf

    • How to make a Christmas Tree Pull Apart Bread

  • 13

    Storing your bread

    • Storing your bread

  • 14

    Using up your bread

    • Using up your bread

  • 15

    Understanding the three different yeasts and how to use them

    • Understanding yeast

    • Which yeast should I buy?

    • How do I use yeast?

    • How does yeast work?

  • 16

    Understanding Bread

    • The Science of Bread

    • The role of salt

    • The role of water

    • Dough Temperature

    • Putting your dough in the fridge

    • Understanding Oven Spring

    • What happens when bread is baking?

  • 17

    Glossary and conversion charts

    • Glossary

    • Conversion charts

  • 18

    Thank you

    • Thank you for completing the course

  • 19


    • Completion survey


Success first time


Having never baked anything before and I do mean NEVER, I was very sceptical that I could be taught the skills to produce such a fine looking loaf first time around. Many thanks to the genius of Kath Corfield at Veg Patch Kitchen for putting together such a fantastic online tutorial. If like me... you have the culinary skills of an Otter... I'm sure Kath will point you in the right direction too.

Exceeded expectations


Exceeded expectations as I learnt so much and am inspired to try and improve on the basic technique as well as try some new things. Videos were great, good quality and content, with very clear expectations and really useful to see what we should be aiming for.

Makes it easy


"I have never been particularly enthusiastic about making bread before as I don't particularly fancy the kneading - plus I am not always that patient - but this is certainly an eye opener and as you say it makes it easy." Nicola

Enrol now to get started

Make delicious bread at home in a really easy way that fits into your daily routine.

What do I need to know before the course?

You don't need to have made bread before, ever. This course is suitable for the absolute beginner. It is also suited to those that have tried to make bread but weren't happy with the results. This course will transform you from a bread novice to a bread winner.

What equipment do I need?

To get started with the course you will need: 

  • A mixing bowl
  • Scales, preferably electronic and that weigh in 1g increments
  • A bag of strong bread flour
  • Fine sea salt
  • Fast action/ easy bake yeast
  • Water
  • A baking tray or loaf tin
  • A sharp knife
  • Oven gloves 
  • A cooling rack or wire shelf from the oven

I show you how to use this equipment and advise on other equipment that you may want to use to progress your bread making.

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